Christ’s Saving Grace

It is such a shame that the truth cannot be laid naked, open to all Americans to see. But we have been blinded by false precepts since the beginning. Each side of any protest or confrontation is already full of animosity towards one another especially with the help of all of the “guests” that always appear to ensure violence. When the police step in, that animosity is enhanced by the disdain for authority on both sides. The whole scenario is a match that lights the fire. I cannot fathom with any understanding at all how it is that most Americans are so blind. It’s not that they are naive or ignorant. That would be an excuse or a reason for the behavior. Instead they just don’t care enough or consider it important enough to really look at what is going on and see it for what it is. Regardless of whether any of those in control win, everybody will lose.

I’m so grateful that I have been able to extricate myself from this madness and choose instead to just look away. Away from all of that. I choose to turn my head and look at Father and His Creation that is all around me every single day without fail. In that I trust. In that I draw my strength.  It fills my heart with joy, peace and contentment.  In God I trust, indeed.

The Old Testament helps me to understand what it is that God expected of man. Not in how we humans have expectations of one another, but how He designed us and creation to work in harmony together in adoration  and to the glory  of Him.   It shows how man and most specifically the Israelites failed to meet those expectations. They were His chosen people to whom He gave protection, guidance and wisdom through whom His glory would shine.  They were to show, through their daily discourse and interactions, His Glory to the rest of the world.  Of course there were a few who lived the life of a true follower. But as it is written, most did not and some literally refused to do so.  And so it continues with most of this world’s humankind.

The New Testament shows the results of those failures in the way in which those current day Israelites continued to refuse the teachings of God by fiercely objecting to anything that Jesus had to say. But the blessings of the New Testament are in showing exactly how we can be. How we can actually meet those expectations of God. The New Testament allows us to envision and experience the type of life that we can have by simply following Jesus’s example. It doesn’t matter what version of the Bible you are reading. And you certainly don’t have to pick out certain verses or phrases or chapters and use that as an impetus to prove what you think is true.

The New Testament is an expression of God’s love and desire for us to live a happy and fulfilled life with Him at the center of it, dwelling in our hearts. Jesus as a man lived the perfect example of how we can accomplish this. And the apostles that followed behind him after his death continued to demonstrate this willingness and desire to follow Christ. They themselves did not set precedence. They themselves did not make up new rules. They lived their lives in accordance with what they learned and observed from the life of Jesus himself.  Christ is our example.  Christ is the truth.  It is through His saving grace that we are enabled and gifted to see how we can live.  May He ever live in our hearts!

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Listen to your Heart

Living from your heart is not exactly something that one can do just because one thinks one can do it. You first have to understand what that means and what it doesn’t mean. Most of us learn, then understand, then believe in things that we think about and comprehend inside of our mind. This is something most of us are taught from childhood. We begin to believe that this process is the only means by which we can completely understand something.  As a result, we use what we’ve learned and understood in this manner as a basis for which we live our lives.

Living a heart- led life and having your faith and belief come from within your heart is taking the above notion and tossing it out the window.  Living heart-led is not a natural thing for most people in this generation and society. But it can be done;  that is the way humankind was originally designed by God when he first placed us in the Garden of Eden.

There was no intellectual explanation necessary for the first peoples to know and believe and have faith in God. There was a communion between people and God; a connection from their hearts to Him.  It was not something that had to be learned from birth or gradually dissected, analyzed, and concluded upon in order to be applied. It was just the natural way of life for them.

It is as if you were driving up to the mountains and came up over a rise and what lay before you was an amazing scene of beauty.  Autumn leaves scattered throughout mountainous terrain.  Clouds and blue sky rising up over the high mountain tops. A broad expanse in the valley. And as you gaze upon to it, your breath is taken away. You don’t stop to think about what you’re looking at and analyze it  intellectually. You appreciate it to the point where your whole body glows and your heart leaps and your mind is blown. You are simply responding from a part of you that is as ancient as the beginning of time.

Surely, you have experienced this?  An overwhelming feeling deep inside of you that words just cannot even begin to describe?  This joy, this feeling, this experience comes from your heart, where Father has placed His Spirit to commune with yours.  This is the part of us that communes with nature as we walk about or gaze upon and get that sense of belonging.  For we are part of Creation and it a part of us.  We and He are all one.

Grab on to that.  Build on it.  Capture it and never let it go.  Let it take you away from this world’s notions of what is real.  For this is called being lead by your heart.

Listen to your heart and learn from it.  For God is its guide!

To read more, click here:  Heart Matters   or here:   Heart Happiness  or go to the Search Box at the top of my blog and simply type in “Heart”.

As a part of this experience, I have been blessed with the friendship of like-minded folks who live by the heart-led experience.   We have come together to form an on-line fellowship, called Radix Fidem, currently led by a gentle man, whose blog (see link to Ed Hurst under my blog roll) helps put into words what we believe.  It isn’t a church by today’s definition.  It is a gathering of souls.  You can read more about our beliefs by downloading  ‘Radix Fidem: A Covenant of Faith” here:  Radix Fidem.

You can also get a better understanding of living by the heart-led life by downloading ‘Heart of Faith’ by going here:  Heart of Faith.  This was written by Ed, in collaboration with some of the rest of us.

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Labor of Love

I have had flower beds for as long as I have had a roof over my own head.  The joy and peace it gives me cannot be described with words.  Watching something grow just soothes me.

Since I moved into this house there is one bed right in front of my front porch that I have redone two or three times in the last 20 years. Here is how it looked when I first began.

Happy Flowers

Of course, it has changed as I tried new plantings and different ways of arranging things.

Once we had the fire earlier this year I really didn’t have time to do anything until just recently. The bed had become very overgrown.  I asked hubby if he would mow it down so I could start working in there, which he did.

Place to start

I decided to do something different. I was looking at this 10 by 15 foot piece of beautiful soil. And lately in the last couple of years I have really grown extremely fond of succulents. I am going to build a giant rock garden!

And so I started the middle of this past September. I told myself that I would be done by the end of October. I had about six weeks to complete the task.

Pitchfork in hand, I divided the rectangular area into strips in my mind. The plan was to clear all the wild plant growth one strip at a time and hopefully get a strip done a day. It was hard going with the pitchfork. I would press it into the edge of one of the strips at just a slight angle and then I would lift it up and then I would push it down until as much of the root system that was there could be shaken loose of dirt and put on a pile.

All the rocks that were already in the bed I threw in a couple different piles.  Hubby started collecting giant ones and all sizes from the yard, the creek bed and the woods. Needless to say it was very slow going.

Here’s a clue. I have a few physical conditions that do not prevent me from doing anything but they do limit the amount of time I can spend at a time doing heavy labor. I’m good for about an hour and then I have to stop and take a 20 to 30 minute break. And I can usually do this for about 3 or 4 hours a day.

I went on-line and visited nurseries in the city so I would have some plants once I was ready for them.  As I cleared, I placed some I already had into the dirt to hold until I could give them new homes in the new bed.  Here are some of the ones I bought.

My new babies

Once I had most of everything cleared, a canvas became revealed.

Ready to Start Work!!!!

I started in the rear left corner and made the beginnings of a little rock bed. In went some of the plants and then I decided I had to make it a little bit bigger.

After I had done all that I wanted to so far in that first bed, I thought it would be cool to build up some rock walls and put in a gully.

Gully wash

Next, I started in on the right side of the bed and began another.  This was way too much fun.  Needless to say, it was heavy work because I handpicked each stone/rock and placed it just so (sometimes retrying to make sure it looked “right”).  Here is what I call ‘Bed Two’.

Beginning of Bed Two

I had ordered several different sempervivum, or as most of us call them, ‘hens and chicks’.  So, next on my little agenda was to make them their very own bed in the garden.  I already had plenty in the original beds and pots, so i put them in as well.

Hens ‘n Chicks

Now, i was on a roll!  In the far right back of the garden, i had already planted some comfrey.  They needed mulching and rocks placed along their backside.  Other small rock beds were made or added to.  I made more gullys, filled them with pebbles and covered them with mulch.  I was almost done.

Almost done

I finally wanted to place some little additions.  Little animal figures were tucked in here and there.  Years ago, i had gotten some of hubby’s old work boots and cut holes in them.   I filled them with dirt and tucked little hens n chicks inside.  Moss started to grow and they HAD to have a home in the garden as well.  On the morning of October 31st, after spending two more hours in the garden, I was done!  Here is the finished project.  Right click on these pictures and open in a new tab.  Once you click on the newly opened tab, you can zoom in.  Notice the attention given to every rock in the entire bed.  Each nestles in with the next one.  Some hold/brace others up or are part of a perimeter.  SO MUCH FUN     !!!!!!!!!!

All done!

Left Side

Right Side

Six weeks and hundreds of pounds of pebbles and stones later, my labor of love is done.  I have to admit, the result is way beyond what i had hoped. This old body came through and I really did not end up paying too big of a price in sore muscles.

Now, with maintenance hopefully going to be low, i can spend as much time as i want enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me this gift!







PS I might come back and edit this post more.  I don’t know.  Might have more to say or show.  Tee Hee

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Once Upon a Dark Time

Written at a time in my life when darkness ruled, I found this while digging through stuff I had packed up after the fire.

Every day is another day of an endless stream of constant reminders of the state of mind you’re in with no way out but inward introspection of where you’ve been and where you are not.

Looking out a window that you cannot see through for all the drapes are drawn and only shadows play on the other side if the sun is out and sprays its rays down far enough for them to show themselves.

Looking at the doors that go out to places your feet cannot enter, down paths and roads you cannot tread, to faces and bodies that can now only exist in memories that linger long and hard on your mind.

Finding solace in a bottle or a pill to hide the realities of that which you do not want to see anymore, all the time, giving places and faces to be and touch when nothing can be real enough anyway.

Wanting only to be anywhere else at least so something could be real enough to touch and know that it will not go away, ever.

Listening to songs of another time that surely existed somewhere out there when reality was but is no longer now.

Whispers echo down the hall, telling stories; some with endings, some without. Enchanted tales with princes and fairies and little boys with lots of toys, playing their games with smiles on their faces. Whispers get softer then become echoes then disappear into the darkness leaving silence behind with no one to hear them but loneliness.

Tears have dried on every square on every floor leaving faint stains of sorrow. Footsteps crisscross across them all leaving them hidden from all but those who left them there.

But yet and still a hand reaches through and then an arm and then two to embrace and hold you dear so close to show indeed you are not alone, in the dark. And, that is, in reality, reality.

I am grateful beyond words to Our Father that I don’t find myself in that place anymore, but I must admit I haven’t forgotten it.

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Of Men, Machines, Muck and Mire

My husband, B, loves tools and heavy equipment.  It all started way before I knew him, but his collection since we married over twenty years ago, has expanded to the point of: “Seriously,  you really need that”?

When someone heard he had an old tractor he might want to sell, they offered to trade B an old backhoe.  He couldn’t resist and there went the tractor faster than i could blink or spit.  He still has his grandpa’s, an old Farmall.

Then, early last year,  after being tired of messing with the old one,  we agreed to replace it with a new one.  And though it was expensive, it has turned into a very resourceful tool.  Just about every neighbor of ours has benefited on more than one occasion.

After about a year of being pestered by a neighbor to clean up that dying row of photinias  ( see my post on them:  Photinias  ) between our two properties, B started in down at the back and started working his way forward.  Vines, dead plants, young tree saplings and the like had to be cut out, removed and run through the brush chipper.  It was slow going, but he was making progress.

And then we got a massive amount of rain.  Due to the grade of our yard, all the runoff settles right at the base of the photinia hedgerow.  And, i was wondering why they were dying off……DUH!  All these years of runoff, no wonder they had finally had enough.

Back to the clearing project,  B was working on it the other day and our neighbor asked B to bring the hoe over to his side of the property and clear out some debris over there.  B obliged, of course.

Did i mention it had rained? A lot?  Anyway, it wasn’t but a few minutes later and the hoe got stuck in some muck.  Not evident to B when he drove over there,  it became very clear that uh-oh, we have a problem.  As B tried to drive clear, the hoe started to sink.  Fast.

Stuck in the Muck


Oh yeah!






Seriously sunk….

Several hours went by as B and another equipment experienced neighbor attempted every trick they knew to get the hoe unstuck. And it wasn’t happening and the more they tried, the more it sunk. Oh boy. It started to get dark, so they had to close up shop for the night and wait until the next day.

I’ll tell you what. I sent a lot of prayers up that night!

Early the following morning, after it was late enough so as not to annoy any sleeping neighbors, he went back to work on getting the hoe unstuck. He was very creative as he used the backhoe part to dig into the ground and push down and lift the front end up. Then he would use the bucket flat on the ground and push it down to lift the other end up. As each end was lifting he would slowly turn the wheels. It took a lot of attempts on each end but he finally got the wheels up and out of the mud enough. I didn’t get to actually watch what he did but as he described everything to me I could picture it quite well in my mind.

The hoe was finally back on solid ground. With all the caked and hardened mud on the entire machine he had to get his pressure washer out to get it all off. It didn’t look exactly brand new because after all it’s a machine that does a lot of hard work but it looked mighty good when he was done.

The next thing to do was to fill all the holes in the ground where the hoe had been stuck. Fortunately we have a giant mound of dirt in our yard that we use for a variety of purposes. He filled in all the holes and then used the bucket to scrape and smooth everything out. Now, all our neighbor has to do is get some grass seed and everything should be back to the way it was.

Filling it in

You know the old saying if something can go wrong it will. Fortunately, B knows his equipment very well. His proven ability to figure things out and “gitter done” attitude showed itself again.

I am so proud.  And I am so thankful to the Lord for making all this happen. A lot of times things don’t go the way you plan. A lot of times things can go very wrong. But if you have faith and perseverance and keep on trying you can get unstuck and out of the muck.






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Two Minutes

You have a phone, right? A cell phone, that is. Smart or not, it has an alarm feature on it, yes? And I have no doubt it has a stopwatch app as well. Do me a favor. Get out that phone and start the stopwatch. As you watch the seconds tick by, look aside at something you can observe for just a moment.  Not your computer or phone or television set. Focus on what is around and about you.  Then look back at the stopwatch and notice; there’s still more time. Look off again.   Do it for two  minutes.

Look around?  At what?  Like a leaf drifting down off of a tree. A bird lifting up and flying into the air. A flag on a pole flapping in the breeze. Children laughing and swinging at the park. A squirrel flicking its tail shouting at the world.  A spider weaving its web.  A butterfly visiting a flower.  Two old folks, holding hands,  walking together in shared silence.  A mother holding her baby in her arms.

See that cloud drifting along, morphing into something else as it goes? Hear that dove cooing in the distance or the train clickety-clacking along the tracks? Feel the cool breeze as it slides over your skin?  Hear the sounds of laughter as friends greet one another?  The sound of a tugboat as it blows its horn?  The roar of a fighter jet as it streaks across the sky?

Two minutes.

If you are at all like me (well, kinda maybe?) while I watched the seconds tick, those two minutes took a while to go by.  And, I noticed a lot.

Taking a sip

Swallowtail on Verbena





Six finches. Click, zoom in and see if you can find them all!



So, he had this GIANT green pine cone in his mouth and buried it!





Can you imagine the mycelium network in my yard????



Autumn Clematis blooming like crazy. And the perfume every night!!!!





Think about your typical day and what all you might be doing.  Sitting at your desk, concentrating on your work maybe? Or, lost in some video game that you just can’t quite put down?  Or, deep into a conversation, texting with a friend or on Facebook? Thinking or worrying about events outside of your control?  Trying to get that crazy to do list marked off?

Admittedly, there are quite a few of you that get the “take a minute and smell the roses” thing and actually do stop and smell them. And some of you wouldn’t even think of wasting time with foolish electronics when there are so many real things to spend time on or with. But, I am thinking that many of us just don’t even think about it for lots of reasons.

And this is not a critique of how you live or spend your life.  It is hopefully more of a wakeup call to tap into that inner part of you that is tired of the “hurry up and get it done” way to live.

Two minutes.

And yet, our minutes turn into hours and they into days and do we ever just stop and look around us at something real or outside of ourselves in the moment we are in?

Real.  Not man-made.  God made.  Creation.  The stuff that does not need us.

Outside of our selves.  Something not having anything to do with us.

C’mon. Go get that stopwatch app. Take two minutes. Then, turn it into five or ten. Do it every chance you get.   Every day.

For this is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalms 118:24

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Frogs and Toads

Yesterday late afternoon, heavy rains came in. It was coming down in large sheets with a heavy wind behind it. The thunder and lightning in the distance was intense and the rumbling of the thunder never stopped. It slowly moved our way. I knew that we were going to have some serious weather because I am constantly watching the radar across the nation.

The rain would intensify at times to where our gutters were useless. The water was just pouring over the edges of our roof. Puddles were forming in the yard and they quickly turned into little rivers rushing down the slight grade of our yard. I was enjoying myself as I always do because I am a serious lover of storms. It was quite invigorating.

As I was watching the sky I received an alert on my tablet about a tornado warning that would affect our area.  Apparently a funnel cloud had touched down in a town nearby and was heading east. I knew that meant it would not come to where we were but I was still on alert. As I gazed up into the sky I saw that the upper-level clouds were moving in a northeasterly direction; the lower clouds were moving southwest almost in a circular fashion. I knew what that meant.  When you have crosswinds rotating and clouds drop down, a funnel cloud can form. Having lived in Iowa for a number of years, I had experienced, first-hand, tornadoes.  After a short while the winds returned to traveling in a single direction and I was relieved.

As I sat on my deck watching the storm, I could not help but think about the horrific devastation in Texas with so many people suffering from the flooding and how long the recovery process will take. I am sure there will be some people that will never recover from something like that. How could you?  All this long week, my thoughts and prayers have been focused on them.

But I had to turn my thoughts away from that. It’s just too overwhelming. I turned my attention back to our storm.  Throughout the rest of the afternoon and late into the night I continued to observe the weather.

That night around 9 or 10 I don’t remember, I was sitting on my deck as usual and started to hear a very strange animal sound. I have been living here since 1993 and I am very familiar with most of the animals that live here. I know what they look like and what they sound like. I cannot recall hearing the sound I was hearing before tonight. Of course my curiosity was piqued and I had to figure out what that was. I grabbed my earbuds, plugged into my tablet and started searching for North Carolina frogs and toads. I was pretty sure it was one of those.

I found a really cool North Carolina herpetology site and on it there were about 28 different frogs and toads. So I clicked on each one, one at a time, and scrolled down to the bottom where there was an audio file of the call of that particular species. After looking through just about all of them, I came to the next to the last one. It was the Eastern Spadefoot. Oh my gosh! It was the toad I had been hearing!

Eastern Spadefoot Toad

Here is a picture of what one looks like. And here is the link if you want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and hear what it sounds like. Be patient; it’s actual call doesn’t start until a couple of seconds into the audio file.     Go here:  Herps of NC

This particular toad digs itself backwards into soft sandy soil and spends most of their lives underground. When extremely heavy rains occur they come out and start mating. Well I guess they were having a heyday in our woods last night! There were many of them calling. I told my husband I was going to grab my raincoat and flashlight and go out into the woods so I can see them. The woods belongs to our neighbor and my husband said that he did not think that would be a good idea. If they looked outside and saw somebody lurking in their woods with a flashlight late at night they might get a little disturbed. I had to agree so I just enjoyed the sounds they were making.

The rain finally ended early this morning. We participate in the CocoRaHS program and my husband reported 3.95 inches of rain at 7 a.m.!  Here’s a link to that program in case you might be curious:   CoCoRaHS    It’s a national program that started and is run by Colorado University. They started many years ago and we joined about 10 or 12 years ago.  Every morning at 7 a.m. we report our precipitation even if there is none. The information is gathered and collected and put into databases where the National Weather Service and other weather agencies can determine precipitation statistics as well as drought areas and I am sure a whole lot more. If there is a sudden inundation of rain we report that immediately so that local weather folks can ascertain flooding possibility probabilities. CoCoRaHS is constantly looking for more volunteers throughout the country as well as in Canada.  (Hint hint).

So right now, it is very foggy out and the clouds have not lifted at all; so it’s kind of dark.  A few scattered storms are expected today but it all should clear out by tomorrow.

Here again, another opportunity presented itself to me to observe and appreciate the natural world. I know that nature can devastate. But without her, life could not exist. Out of the ashes rises new growth. Out of flood waters, life will begin anew.

Weather catastrophes, I know, have occurred throughout history and they are nothing new. I sense in my heart that these kinds of catastrophes are probably going to increase in frequency and intensity.

But no matter whether it is weather or human destruction and violence; of one thing I am certain: I have nothing to fear. My Father in heaven loves me and will protect me until the time comes for me to rest and wait for that great day of His return.

Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.   Joshua 1:9.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee :be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.   Isaiah 41:10

And, lo, I Am With You always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.   Matthew 28:20

Another day, another life-giving, beautiful day!

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