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Ya Think?

The other day, hubby says, “I’m not sure we will have enough firewood”.  Of course, he says that every year and we always have plenty and a lot left over!  But, since it’s his job to make sure we have … Continue reading

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For the Love of Fire

No, not like pyromania, but I do love fires.  More specifically,  I  love the fire in our wood stove.  Actually, it is a wood stove insert that we put into our former brick fireplace.  Driving down our street and spying the … Continue reading

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Welcome, Spring!

It has been relatively warm for us down here in North Carolina this winter.  Crazy roller coaster temperatures all the way up into the 80’s with a few days in a row of upper 30’s.  We did get a serious … Continue reading

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It was early this morning when I was finally able to go to sleep. All the sounds of the branches cracking and falling and the exploding transformers throughout the night ensured that falling asleep was not going to be easy. … Continue reading

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That word conjures up all kinds of visualisations doesn’t it? The beautiful variations of snowflakes that were falling earlier this day and the subsequent little teeny pieces that landed everywhere, otherwise known as sleet.  And then the rain that fell … Continue reading

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