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Heart-Led Happiness

As my full body awareness with all of my senses lead by my heart-led being takes in my surroundings here in my yard, I am amazed at the feelings, both physical and emotional that fill me.  It can be overwhelming … Continue reading

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Doorway to Heaven

I can not even imagine how they felt.  Their Lord, their friend was dead.  I have no doubt they were confused since they didn’t truly understand what was really happening.  Some probably couldn’t believe or accept it.  Others thought for … Continue reading

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Attitude to Gratitude

5 a.m. It can’t be this early! I needed to try to go back to sleep. But it wasn’t working so I got up out of bed and went out to check the wood stove and make sure it was … Continue reading

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A New Struggle

I have edited this particular post and removed its contents.  It was too private.

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Father Knows Best

As you know, I love to sit on my back deck.  Several years ago, we had a horrific storm (no, not a hurricane) and the wind was more vicious than I had remembered.  At the time, the rain had stopped … Continue reading

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A Cloudy Day

Okay, so I love clouds!  Where else in Nature can you find so much variety at any given moment that is constantly changing in shape, color, movement and intensity.  On any given day, you might find me grabbing my camera … Continue reading

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Joy is blatantly absent in many people’s lives. They might be blind and can’t see it. They may be oblivious and simply miss it. They might be heartbroken and unable to feel it. Whatever the reason Joy is absent in … Continue reading

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