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Another Blessed Day

I just got finished washing off the eggs hubby brought in just now from the coop.  The largest and lightest is from Cinnamon.  She is a cream color with cinnamon dusted all over. The young Buff Orpingtons that we brought … Continue reading

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Hens and Chicks

We have been blessed this year with some new chicks!  Although the title may have confused some since I do talk about my gardens frequently and have a LOT of sempervivum, I am talking about baby chickens. On March 19. … Continue reading

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Gloomy Days and then It Rains!!!

I have had some pretty gloomy days lately.  So many things are going on in my life right now that are really emotionally challenging.  And to be honest, quite distressful.  I could elaborate and go into detail about every single … Continue reading

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Of Chickens and Dogs

My chickens love treats.  Bread crumbs, chunks of fruit, chickweed or clippings out of the garden makes no difference.  And, when they see me coming, they are running for the goodies that they know I am bringing to them. I … Continue reading

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Happy First Day of Spring!

Wow!  The first day of Spring.  I know, some of you may not see any evidence of it just yet.  However, I would love to share with you some pictures I took on a walkabout of my yard just now.  … Continue reading

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Getting to know Snakes

A friend of mine offers many a pearl on her blog about doing walkabouts around her home in Canada.  Through her many jaunts she has become familiar with many of the native animals and plants that abound in the wilderness … Continue reading

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Never Alone

WARNING!  The following post contains a few grammatical errors.  So, if that should “offend”, don’t read it!  Tee hee One of our sweet little Carolina wrens is twittering in the Japanese maple outside my office window.  Bobbing up and down … Continue reading

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