Night Sky Wonder

Sunday night, I began a journey with my camera to attempt to capture that super blood wolf moon eclipse I had been reading and hearing about.  As we all know, an eclipse is when the shadow of the earth covers the moon.  A total eclipse is when that shadow completely covers the moon.  A super moon occurs when the full moon’s orbit is at its closest point to the earth and appears much larger than at any other time.  It appears red because although the moon is in Earth’s shadow, some sunlight still gets through and is reflected back as red due to the effect of our atmosphere.  The “wolf” according to some, goes back to Native Americans’ name for the January full moon.

Okay, so much for the science lesson!  Ha ha

I went outside early on and viewed the moon from my back yard.  Wow!  It really was big and bright.  I realized, however, since it was in the eastern portion of the sky, any viewing and picture taking would have be from my front porch.  Eh!  That would mean I would have to lay on my back on the hard front porch brick steps and hold my camera up, pointed high into the sky.

Around 10:45 pm or so, I grabbed my Canon and headed out front.  I grabbed one of my giant throw pillows and a towel and laid both on top of two steps.  Wrapped in my warm robe, beanie cap, gloves and warm socks, I began taking pictures of the first stages of the eclipse.  I was cold and it was really awkward laying on my back with my arms outstretched above me.

I still haven’t figured out how to use my Canon at night.  I am sure there are settings but unless there is someone standing next to me, showing me what they are, I am lost.  However, I found if I held down the shutter button lightly, the moon would come into good focus and then I had to snap that picture quickly or the image turned into a blurry bright spot!  And, I forgot to check the date and time initially, so the timestamps on some of the pictures are off.

First stage

Periodically, I had to gather up my stuff and head back in to warm up by the wood stove.  My fingers and face were the coldest.  It was in the teens (F) and the gusty wind made it feel a LOT colder.  Love that wood stove, folks!

Shadow moves in

Here are some snaps of the next stages:




Almost covered

And then, of course, that final little glimmer of light as the moon took on its reddish color.

Seriously blood red!

I cannot begin to even tell you how much I enjoyed doing this.  Being able to watch the eclipse evolve was just amazing and I stared in awe and wonder the whole time.  And how cool was it that this one night, after days of clouds, it was clear as a bell.  Even the stars were brighter than usual as if they wanted to contribute to the night sky’s glory.  With our nearby town and gas stations and other such light hogs, our sky is no longer the dark wonder it used to be.

So, what have you been doing lately?  I still spend a lot of my time looking outside from my deck or walking around my yard soaking everything in.  The birds are in abundance this year.  I even saw a little one that took me days to identify.  But, that will be another post.

Have a blessed day!  Take in the natural wonders that shout for your attention.  They are everywhere, no matter where you are.  Soak it in.  Enjoy as many moments as you can.  Fill your heart with it!  Breathe it all in.  Feel the joy!  It’s free!

Thanks be to the Lord for all His many blessings.  It humbles me.


About forrealone

If you hear the birds in the morning and smile, greet each day with a bowed head of thanksgiving, and believe Our Creator is a loving, forgiving Father; you are a lot like me! I have lived all over the world and am now settled, (or should I say nestled?) In beautiful North Carolina. I spend my days in careful contemplation of all that is around me but most especially my precious Father. I have a beautiful family whom I love and who loves me. And, don't even get me started about my grandchildren! If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is:
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3 Responses to Night Sky Wonder

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    Glad you were able to endure the conditions to get such nice shots.

  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    Good on ya for getting these photos and even making one your banner. 🙂

    There was a blood moon a few years ago, around the same time of year, I remember. In general the temps in the U.S. were much higher. I recall staying outside for at least an hour to watch it without going numb.

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