Ya Think?

The other day, hubby says, “I’m not sure we will have enough firewood”.  Of course, he says that every year and we always have plenty and a lot left over!  But, since it’s his job to make sure we have enough logs brought throughout the year, to cut those logs into workable “splittin” size and then split all that into firewood, I can understand.  I think.  In my previous post, there are some pictures of the “before” work got started, but I will place this one here to give you an idea:

Work to do

If you zoom in, you can see the split pile to the left and the logs and log sections that need to be split.

Fortunately, we had some help this year.  A young strong fellow who needed some cash to help pay his bills came over for a few days and helped gitter done.  Needless to say, we were grateful for the help and he was grateful for the opportunity!

The Process

Here is one of the rather large log sections ready to be split.  Needless to say, it certainly helps if you just happen to have the right equipment for the job!

BIG chunk o’wood!!

Once the guys were done, the pile had grown significantly and, since we had a LOT of rain in the forecast, hubby had to get a tarp over it.  He had offered to haul off an old pool cover a couple years ago, and it sure has come in handy for such things.  I would say the big pile is about 12-15 feet tall and at least 15 feet wide or more.

Covering it up

Of course, having a pile close to the deck makes it quite a bit easier to get it up onto the deck and into the house.  This will last four or five days.  Never had a wood stove?  Well, let me tell you what.  It takes a lot of wood every single day if you are burning 24/7!

Ready to burn!

Of course, once again, it is wonderful having equipment to haul the wood from one pile to another!

Moving the wood

With most of the logs split, the few remaining chunks can just sit there until time and desire permits to finish up.

Cleaned up and good to go!

I Praise the Lord for providing us with friends who “donate” the logs and those who help with the wood splitting.  He is ever so gracious to us all the year round with the beauty provided by His Creation that we daily enjoy to His Blessings so abundantly given.  Shout joyfully under the Lord, all the earth!  May our hearts rejoice in His Love!

So, I am pretty sure we will have enough firewood for this winter!  Ya think?  Ha ha


About forrealone

If you hear the birds in the morning and smile, greet each day with a bowed head of thanksgiving, and believe Our Creator is a loving, forgiving Father; you are a lot like me! I have lived all over the world and am now settled, (or should I say nestled?) In beautiful North Carolina. I spend my days in careful contemplation of all that is around me but most especially my precious Father. I have a beautiful family whom I love and who loves me. And, don't even get me started about my grandchildren! If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is: forrealone@earthlink.net
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6 Responses to Ya Think?

  1. wildcucumber says:

    Oh that’s hilarious, and so real! Apparently – according to my informal research here where just about everyone heats with wood – there is no such thing as “enough wood”. I saw our neighbour staring at his several neatly stacked rows and I could just see the thought bubble above his head “is that enough?”. My man is fretting about his supply too. It’s wayyyy smaller than B’s, and we have 2 stoves, one in the house, one in his shed/studio to feed.

    With me, it’s butter. I have a fear running out of butter.

  2. Ed Hurst says:

    My brother used to burn wood to help heat his home. He never got enough, either. I believe his widow broke down and paid someone to fix and upgrade their central heat because she lacked his enthusiasm for chasing down firewood.

    • forrealone says:

      Even though we have an extremely efficient heat pump that works perfectly, I am afraid hubby would get bored if he didn’t have wood to split all year………. Believe me, we have enough for a very very long time.

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