Florence Nears

When I wrote early Monday morning about waiting on Florence, I didn’t really expect that I would be this apprehensive.  Here it is, two days later and she is certainly a force to be reckoned with!  A powerful Category 4 hurricane she has become and within only a few hours from the Cat 2 she was when I typed my last post.  And, oh, does she have our state in her sites.  If she does indeed make landfall around Wilmington, she will probably follow the last monster we dealt with: Fran, in 1996.  See: Hurricane Wedding   Only, Florence is a heck of a lot bigger and nastier looking than Fran was.  Trouble is a  Bermuda high that is pushing and holding her back from being able to travel quickly after landfall.

I must admit weather fascinates me.  I cudda/shudda been a meteorologist or a climatologist.  It just all grabs my attention and I always have to understand all the underlying currents and ocean temperatures and atmospheric pressures and, sorry, I don’t want to bore you.  Suffice it to say, I repeat, fascinating.

Back to Florence.  Our yard has been “swept” of anything that I hold dear, saved from destruction and tucked neatly away somewhere safe.  My chimes are all packed in a bin and in my laundry room.  Outside furniture left where it is if made of the heavy wood sort or folded up and put away if not.  I will leave all my bird feeders out until the last minute.

The main effect we will have from the storm initially will be tropical storm winds and rain.  We will probably get the east side of the storm, which is the harshest.  We are located between the swath of possible winds of 43-74 and the 75-100 mph one.  So, we really could get off easier or not, depending on her inland track.  Rain will be the biggest problem.  Again, it all depends on which way she goes.  I do, however, expect that we will get a significant amount of rain (8-10 inches).  This past Saturday we had an inch and then on Monday, we had almost three more.  So, with saturated ground and the possibility of a lot more in a short period of time, trees can uproot.  This area also has a lot of rivers and side streams, many of which are already pretty high from the recent rains.  Streets will quickly be under water and power outages will probably occur early on.

Now, we just hunker down.  Stores are stripped of the basic necessities and gas stations have pretty much run out.  Thankfully, we and our family are prepared and supplied.  Some members that live at the coast are heading up here to stay with my daughter.  The coast will be dealing with serious storm surges and feet of rain.

Father, watch over us all.  Bless us with Your Patience, Strength, Wisdom, Compassion and Protection.  And thank You for all You bless us with every single day!

Stay tuned……   I will report back in as soon as I can.  Thankfully, with the generator, I should be able to sooner than later.

About forrealone

If you hear the birds in the morning and smile, greet each day with a bowed head of thanksgiving, and believe Our Creator is a loving, forgiving Father; you are a lot like me! I have lived all over the world and am now settled, (or should I say nestled?) In beautiful North Carolina. I spend my days in careful contemplation of all that is around me but most especially my precious Father. I have a beautiful family whom I love and who loves me. And, don't even get me started about my grandchildren! If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is: forrealone@earthlink.net
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2 Responses to Florence Nears

  1. Amen to your prayer! I’m so glad you’re well prepared .. I’m highly nervous watching this from way up here in Quebec!!

    I bet your birds are really flocking to the feeders, they always do that before a storm, right? We know when Big Weather is coming by their sudden flurry of activity, and we know its imminent when they suddenly all disappear, taking shelter where they can.

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